Reasons Hydromax Siphonic Drainage is for you

  • Smaller diameter horizontal pipework installed level
  • An Engineered Solution allowing Design team choice for Pipe Routing
  • Flexible Pipe routing with easier co-ordination of services
  • Rainwater Management - Easier routing of pipework to rainwater harvesting or attenuation
  • Reduced Construction Build Time due to reduced pipework and less underground drainage/trenchwork etc.
  • Potential for Significant Cost Savings
  • A dry building envelope is attained earlier, allowing fit-out works to proceed 
  • High Performance, Self-Cleansing Roof Drainage System
  • Elimination of underground drainage, manholes, etc. within the building footprint
  • Fewer Rainwater Downpipes routed to convenient positions provide an increased and flexible use of floor space

Video Introduction

Watch HydroMax in operation.

  1. Siphonic Drainage Simulation Play Icon
  2. HydroMax Against Pine Needles Play Icon
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