About Us

HydroMax Incorporated Ltd is a company at the forefront of advanced Siphonic (Syphonic) Roof Drainage systems.

Siphonic drainage is a technology that uses natural hydraulics to induce negative pressure in the roof drainage piping system thus providing the technology with the siphonic name. The result is a highly efficient roof drainage system utilising smaller diameter pipes with many technical advantages AND cost savings.

Offering market leading products that are all independently tested to ensure compliance with the latest published standards, HydroMax prides itself on continually developing our Roof Drainage System products and our HydroTechnic™ analytical design calculation program to ensure our partners and customers always receive the highest quality of design and products.

We are a UK based organisation with strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers.

The word Partnership is key to our success. We work as part of a team with all our partners and customers alike. We value the partnerships we have and look forward to creating new partnerships in our global growth plans.

We have many quality reference projects throughout the world.

We have a route to supply any project – anywhere – right now.

As we continue to grow, we will develop into new territories and invite potential partners to discuss with us the various partnering opportunities available for our tried and tested system. 

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