Why HydroMax are Leaders in Siphonic Drainage Technology

HydroMax deliver exactly what was set out to achieve -
Market leading quality products, designed using the advanced HydroTechnic computer design package (independently assessed to have unsurpassed accuracy) providing all our customers complete Peace of Mind.

We achieve full compliance with leading Siphonic Drainage Standards (e.g. USA/British/Singapore) and our roof drains are tested for compliance with published siphonic roof drain tests to ASME and British Standards.

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100% Success Rate - Quality - Expertise - Accuracy- Compliance- Peace of Mind - Dedication - Integrity

1. Designs and Supply in full compliance with BS 8490:2007 and/or ASPE/ANSI Technical Design Standard 45:2013 and/or SS 525:2006.

2. HydroMax™ Siphonic Roof Drains tested for compliance with BS 8490:2007 and ASME/ANSI A112.6.9:2005.

3. HydroTechnic™ Analytical Design Program tested for accuracy and compliance with the performance requirements of BS EN 12056-3:2000 by HR Wallingford.

4. All designs made with certified and compliant piping systems.

5. HydroTechnic™ Analytical Design Program has accurate calculations, reporting extreme hydraulic conditions (where other systems report average conditions).

6. HydroTechnic™ calculates the system Fill Time to ensure that all systems prime within 60 seconds providing a safe drainage systems in all rainfall conditions (as per BS 8490:2007 clause 6.7).

7. HydroTechnic™ provides the ability to calculate for submerged or restricted discharge (where the discharge pipe is below water/flood level as per BS 8490:2007 clause 8.4 and ASPE/ANSI 45:2013 clause 4.7.)

8. Approved and Fully Trained Partners for professional design, supply and installation

9. HydroTechnic™ program generates pipe lists/pre-fabrication drawings reducing on-site labour

10. Unique Roof Drain has proven track record of low maintenance.

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